Look For These Accommodations When You Book An El Salvador Surf Resort

If your idea of a vacation is hitting the waves with a surfboard, you may have el Salvador in mind. Known for its miles of beaches and ideal surfing conditions, this Central American nation welcomes many surfers throughout the year on vacation. This flux of visitors means that there are numerous surfer-friendly resorts near el Salvador's beaches that you can consider for your upcoming trip. Once you have your surfing location selected, you can begin the process of finding a resort hotel to accommodate you and your group. Whether big or small, you want your el Salvador surf resort to ideally offer these types of accommodations.

Oceanfront Rooms

When you're traveling to an area to spend a lot of time on the ocean, it's also ideal if you can find a room that faces the ocean. When you're perusing different surf resorts, look for those that have oceanfront rooms. There's nothing better on a vacation of this nature than to pull back the curtains in the morning and be able to see the surf, knowing that you'll be enjoying its waves after breakfast. With a resort that provides oceanfront rooms for its guests, you'll be able to enjoy this scenario, as well as enjoy the sunrise and sunset each day.


If you'll be traveling with a group of other surfing enthusiasts, you may wish to consider suites. Sometimes, staying in individual rooms can make sense, but in other cases, it can be fun — and cost effective — to select one room for several people. A suite is the best choice for this situation, as it will provide ample room for three, four, or even five guests. Some suites have multiple bedrooms, as well as pullout couches, that will allow everyone in your surfing group to stay in comfort and enjoy being together even when you're not riding the waves.

Balcony Rooms

Whether you're facing the ocean or an inner courtyard on the other side of the building, it's ideal if your El Salvador surf resort has rooms that are equipped with balconies. Even though you'll be getting plenty of sun and fresh air when you're out on the water, it can be nice to put your feet up with some appetizers from the dining room and a couple of beverages once the sun sets, and the balcony off your hotel room is one of the best places to enjoy this form of rest and relaxation.

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