Reasons To Work In The Lobby When You Stay At A Hotel

When you're staying in a hotel on a business trip, you might need to devote a few hours to catching up on some work. While there are lots of benefits to setting up your laptop computer at the desk in your room and getting to work there, you might wish to change things up by sitting in the lobby of your lodging. Whether you grab a seat at a table or find a comfy couch and sit with your computer on your lap, there are many reasons that you might prefer this change of scenery. Here are three reasons to work in the lobby during your next hotel visit.

The Sights Around You May Be Inspiring

Depending on the type of work that you're doing, it may be helpful to be in an environment that is constantly changing. If you're writing a speech for a business presentation, for example, it's easy to get stuck in certain areas, and find yourself staring at the wall of your hotel room. When you're working in the lobby, the constant flow of guests and staff around you can actually shift your mindset and help you to get unstuck. Perhaps you see someone who reminds you of a concept, or maybe you overhear certain words used that motivate you to change some wording in your presentation.

Less Chance Of Getting Off Track

Even though the environment around you can be busy, there's often less chance that you'll get off track when you're working in a hotel lobby. In the privacy of your hotel room, you might feel tempted to flip on the TV, for example, but then you find yourself glued to that screen, rather than your laptop screen, 45 minutes later. In the lobby, you are unlikely to get up and walk away from your laptop, so you'll often find that this setting is better for keeping you on task.

You Can Enjoy Some Refreshments

Because many hotel lobbies feature a café or a restaurant, there are lots of opportunities for you to enjoy some refreshments, while you work in this setting. Whether you order a steaming hot cup of coffee before you sit down, or you incentivize yourself by planning to order a tantalizing baked good once you reach a certain goal in your work, it can be enjoyable to wave down a staff member, and order something to keep you energized and happy while you work.

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