3 Tech Ideas Vacation Rental Owners Should Consider

For every vacation rental owner, it's ideal to seek ways to make your property even more appealing to potential guests. This can especially be true if you're operating a vacation rental in an area that has a lot of competition. There are plenty of things for you to do that can provide an edge over other vacation rentals in the area, and one topic to explore relates to technology. In today's technology-driven society, you can make your vacation rental highly appealing by implementing a handful of different tech ideas for your guests. Here are three ideas to consider.

Share Your Netflix

Lots of travelers have their own accounts with Netflix or other video streaming services, but not everyone does. If you have Netflix, it can be worthwhile to think about offering it to your guests during their stay. If you have a smart TV, for example, give them instructions on how to load the Netflix app on the TV so that they can begin browsing for TV shows or movies that they wish to watch. For ease, you might with to make a "Guest" profile account so that a guest's viewing history doesn't appear in your profile account.

Allow Complimentary Wi-Fi Use

With complemintary Wi-Fi a fixture at many hotels, travelers often want to be able to access a network when they're away from home. While you might understandably be leery about leaving your Wi-Fi password for your vacation rental guests, a safe strategy is to personally log into your network on their devices when they arrive. This way, they'll have access to your network, but they won't actually know your password. You may wish to give your guests some directions about their online usage. For example, you could request that they don't download music or movies if you're not on an unlimited bandwidth plan.

Offer a Tablet

If you really want to stand out above your vacation rental competitors, consider offering a tablet for your guests to use. This might seem a little risky, but as long as you only rent your unit to people who are ranked high on whatever vacation rental service you're using, you'll have no trouble. Additionally, you can easily ensure that the tablet is present when you return to get the keys before the guests leave. Having a tablet handy for guests can make them thrilled with your entire setup, and anxious to give you a high rating.

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