How to Find a Dog-Friendly Apartment

Renting an apartment when you have a dog can be challenging. This is because not every landlord is open to the idea of their tenants having pets. There is a feeling by some landlords that pets will damage their property and also make it less appealing to good tenants. However, the good news is that not all landlords feel this way. This means you can definitely find an apartment that will suit your needs. If you are trying to find ways to do that, here are some tips to help you find a pet-friendly apartment for rent.

 Get an Online Tool

In the age of the internet, you can use online tools to make it easier to narrow down your apartment search. You can use apps to find areas that are pet-friendly. When you take this approach you will reduce your disappointment levels. Nothing is worse than seeing an apartment you love and then finding out that you can't rent it because it is not pet-friendly. Search for the apps that exclusively show pet-friendly apartments. This will make things easier right from the start.

Try Private Landlords

When a building is professionally managed it can be a lot harder to negotiate whether you can have a pet or not. A property manager is less likely to be interested in bending the rules since they are doing their job. If you can find an apartment building that is managed by the owner then you have a greater chance of negotiating whether you can have a pet or not. Some landlords will ask that you pay a pet deposit fee. Others may not ask but you can suggest it to give your potential landlord more peace of mind.

Pet Size

If you love apartments or simply need one and would like to have a pet. You need to think proactively. It is better that you have a pet that fits into the landscape of your apartment. This usually means that your pet needs to be smaller. Many apartments will have specifications about the size and weight of the pet. It will most likely be easier for you to find a rental when you have a cute little poodle as opposed to a Great Dane. If you think about it, a poodle would be a lot more comfortable in an apartment than a Great Dane would be.

Finding an apartment can be challenging for pet owners. The key is to know where to look and then to try to negotiate with potential landlords. 

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