5 Questions To Find The Right Hotel For Destination Wedding Guests

Are you planning to reserve a block of hotel rooms for the guests at your destination wedding? Handling the lodging arrangements for wedding guests can be a huge help to those traveling for your wedding, but it calls for putting yourself in the position of those guests. How can you do this? Here are five questions to answer in order to find the right hotel for everyone. 

1. How Accessible Is the Hotel? When everyone travels to the wedding location, whether it's a strange city or a rural town, they appreciate when getting around is as easy as possible. This is particularly important when most or all of your attendees have never been there before. So look for a hotel that's close to everything they'll need and easy to get to and from. 

2. Does It Meet Various Price Points? Boost attendance at your wedding and make the trip more enjoyable for all by finding hotel rooms that meet different budgets. Some guests may be able to splurge on top-tier suites, while others may need to keep costs under control. Consider booking a set of rooms that meet two or three different price ranges. 

3. Are There Things to Do? While you will likely be consumed by wedding preparations and then heading off on a honeymoon, your guests will have more free time. Does the hotel and the area around it offer them plenty of activities or entertainment to keep them busy all weekend? Can it help arrange group activities or tours? And is it centrally located for outside activities in the community? 

4. Will Guests Have Surprise Charges? When talking with hotel management about your block of rooms, ensure that your guests won't suffer unexpected fees and charges. This includes unplanned parking costs, resort fees, surcharges, amenities charges, or transportation fees. Your ideal hotel will provide a good time without resorting to sneaky fees. 

5. Does It Feel Like a Vacation? If guests spend their own funds and take time off to travel to a destination wedding, make sure they have an enjoyable vacation for their effort. While a business-minded hotel in a commuter area might be less expensive, it may not provide the ambience guests crave. Instead, balance price with luxury, charm, and local flavor. 

Answering these questions while shopping for the right hotel for a destination wedding helps you craft a great time for all. Start by speaking with a variety of hotels in your target location today. It may take some extra effort, but your guests will thank you, and you will enjoy a happier wedding weekend. 

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