Visiting Key West: 3 Benefits To Staying At A Vacation Rental Property

There are many different lodging options for you to choose from when visiting Key West. You can choose from a variety of hotels, bed and breakfast inns, and resorts. However, while there are certainly benefits to all of these options, more and more people are coming to find that the option of staying at a vacation rental property is actually the most beneficial. In this article, you can learn more about some of the benefits that these Key West vacation rental properties have to offer so that you can decide for yourself if a vacation rental is the right choice for your lodging needs. 

#1: Vacation Rentals Offer More Size Options 

When choosing to stay at a hotel or resort, you will have some options concerning the size of the room you want to rent. However, even the biggest suites that these lodging options have to offer will offer a rather limited amount of space. This can prove problematic if you are traveling with multiple people and do not want to rent multiple rooms in order to accommodate everyone. Vacation rental properties help to solve this issue by offering a much wider selection of sizes to choose from. While you can find vacation rentals that are just big enough for a single person or couple traveling together, you can also find single-family homes with multiple bedrooms that have the ability to house five, ten, or even twenty people if necessary. With properties available in so many different sizes, there really is a Key West vacation rental property that is perfectly suited to everyone.

#2: Vacation Rentals Offer More Privacy

There will always be a limited amount of privacy that can be achieved when staying in hotels or a bed and breakfast. This is because there are parts of these properties that are shared by all of the guests and staff. It can also be difficult to achieve a high level of privacy when there are other guests passing by your hotel room door or sleeping on the other side of your walls. Vacation rental properties allow you to enjoy a much higher standard of privacy. This is because these properties offer the same level of privacy as traditional rental properties. This means that if you choose to rent a single-family home, you and your family will be the only people on the property during your stay. 

#3: Vacation Rentals Offer More Location Options

There are only so many locations that are capable of housing a large hotel. Consequently, you will be limited in your options of what neighborhoods to stay in when choosing to stay in a hotel during your vacation. With vacation rental properties, the options are virtually endless. These properties can be found just about anywhere. This includes in the heart of the city if you are looking to enjoy the nightlife or in a remote location if you are looking for more peace and quiet. No matter what part of Key West you are hoping to explore, you can be sure that there is a vacation rental property available in that area. 

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