Amenities And Features To Look For In A Dog-Friendly Beach Hotel

If you are planning a vacation to the beach, you may be wondering whether or not you should bring your dog. The good news is that more and more beach hotels are now welcoming dogs. Search for hotels in the location you plan on visiting, and you'll probably see that several of them are listed as "pet-friendly." But not every pet-friendly hotel offers the same features and amenities. Here are some good features and amenities to look for in a dog-friendly beach hotel.

A dog bed or space for a dog bed

When you take your dog down to the beach, they are likely to get sand on their paws and in their fur. As such, you probably won't want them snuggling in bed with you. You'll likely want them to sleep in their own bed. Some dog-friendly hotels can provide dog beds for you. Just make sure they wash them or change the covers on them between guests. If the hotel does not provide dog beds, make sure they don't mind you bringing your own, and also make sure you have space to pack their bed.

A grass walking area

When your dog has to go potty, you won't always want to take them down to the beach to go since that will mean they get sandy and maybe wet. So, it is always nice if the hotel has a dedicated, grassy potty spot where your dog can relieve themself. This way, if nature calls at an odd hour, you have somewhere clean and close by to take your pup.

Washing facilities

If your dog comes in sandy and gross from the beach, you will want to wash them off before taking them back to the hotel room. The best dog-friendly hotels have washing facilities where you can give your dog a good scrub. If there's a blow dryer in the washing area, that's even better.

A dog-friendly bar or hangout area

Part of the fun of taking your dog on a beach vacation is getting to hang out with them. So, look for a hotel that has a bar or a cafe where dogs are welcome. This way, you and your pup can socialize and meet others without having to leave the property. 

Taking your dog on your beach vacation is so much easier and more enjoyable if you stay in a hotel that's set up for it. For more information on hotel oceanfront balcony rooms, contact a company near you.

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